Responsive Web Design

Responsive Designs give you an eye-catching and professional web presence no matter what device it's being viewed on. With designs that are modern, sleek, and intuitively crafted, we insure your website is as functional as it is elegant, providing a memorable first impression that captivates visitors. We pride ourselves in having all of the design skills you'll need in-house, implementing a cohesiveness in our design approach that will make your message as clear as it is effective.

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We Develop in HTML5 & CSS3 - the ubiquitous platform for the web. Whether you need a website optimized for mobile users, an enterprise class site with specific business needs, or a multimedia services platform, HTML5 provides a rock solid foundation for all types of development.

Web design is about more than just arranging graphics and text in HTML - it's about how you want to communicate your message to your intended audience. We utilize semantic markup and all of our code validates with the W3C, insuring that our work is easily modified and understood by any professional developer, and there are no barriers to search engines locating and properly indexing your site.

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Web App Development

Our Web Apps are built to improve productivity, streamline workflows, enhance operations, and refine collaboration. Whether you need a customized content management system, an online storefront, a multimedia platform, or a unique web application, our solution will be customized to meet your specific needs.

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We Embrace Ruby on Rails, jQuery UI, Phonegap, Angular.js, and Laravel when it comes to web application development. We believe that development should be rapid and results measurable. We want to get the first draft of your application up as soon as possible so we can begin testing and getting user feedback to guide the development process. These frameworks allow for quick development and deployment of virtually any type of web application, saving us time and you money.

Graphic Design

Visual Media should inspire interest, and make a connection with your audience. It should mean something to the people you're trying to reach, and deliver a concise message in a memorable way.

We create visual communications that are meaningful, direct, and impacting; we've brought together a diverse group of insightful and imaginative designers to create visual media that's unique and makes a lasting impression.

Our graphic design solutions range from logo and brand development to website graphics and social media content. Embracing a feedback-centric design philosophy, we produce a final product that's shaped by your vision and refined by our skills. There's a fine line between art and business, and that's a line we love to walk everyday.

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Copywriting & Content Creation

In the end, it's the text of your website that will engage your audience and make a connection. The content of your site needs to be eloquent in its own way, written to reflect your overall theme and inspire confidence. Our copywriters know that quality content comes from both skill and being on the same wavelength. Client feedback is essential in producing quality copy, so your message emerges clear and stands apart from the crowd.

Writing is an art form that is only honed by practice; accordingly, all of our copywriters have extensive post-secondary education in written English, providing a wealth of talent that can tackle any project, though we excel at creating web content, producing promotional pieces, and editing manuscripts and other written works.

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Photography & Videography

Today's Multimedia soaked web demands a strong knowledge of relevant technologies, and how to correctly implement those solutions to create measurable results. Photography and Videography have become interdisciplinary professions that require creativity, skill, and a broad understanding of digital media and its applications.

With YouTube now the number 2 search engine in the world, outranking both Yahoo and Bing, creating a multimedia presence on the web has never been more relevant than it is now. We have the skills you need to integrate any type of visual media into your web or multimedia project.

We specialize in the creation of online multimedia platforms for the distribution of video and other multimedia formats; online video training libraries, media sharing applications, automatically distributed podcasts, and social media integration.

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