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Responsive Design strategies provide a rock solid solution for insuring that your web site or web application provides a consistent user experience accross all types of devices by utilizing CSS3 & JavaScript to gracefully adapt the user interface based on the screen size and resolution of the viewing device.

A responsive website design starts with the primary task of incorporating CSS3, media queries, the @media rule, and fluid grids that use percentages to create a flexible foundation. These key points, as well as the use of EMs, flexible images, flexible videos, and fluid type, allow the responsive website to adapt its layout to the viewing device, user agent, and environment.

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Resize Your Browser Window

Resize Your Browser Window

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Responsive Web Apps

Responsive App Design utilizes the same principles as responsive web design, utilizing fluid grids, breakpoints, and CSS3 to acheive an adaptive user interface for database driven web applications. We’re focused on helping our customers make their apps work across all types of devices; that means taking on and overcoming many complex design challenges - making apps responsive is just one of them.

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