Montgomery Cleaning Inc.

Montgomery Cleaning Incorporated has been providing professional cleaning services to the Pacific Northwest for over twenty years. They'd yet to establish their web presence, and asked us to design and establish a website that would feature not only the services that they provide, but the extensive experience that they have in the professional cleaning industry.
We were amazed at their impressive list of corporate clients and decided that it would be a wise move to utilize whitespace on every page to showcase some of the clients they've worked for. With overall space a consideration, and with the large number of high-profile clients they provided us with, it was decided that logos only would be used in a image grid, each one linking to the respective clients website.


Web Solutions

A layout and coloring were chosen that meshed well with their established logo, overall synthesis being the key. Once customized, our feedback-centric process of development began, and the main theme emerged; Don, the owner, is present at every job that's done. His clients have said time and again that this was a huge positive factor in word of mouth advertising. We centered the textual theme around this, and flushed it out with the extensive testimonials and recommendations that clients have written him over the years.

Social Networking

Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, & Linkedin were decided upon as the appropriate social networking venues for Montgomery Cleaning. We began by establishing accounts, customized the page layouts, and then linked to them from the website. Integration of social networking is an essential part of a web presence, and even the minimal integration that was done for this project establishes a presence on those networks. Social networking has become a major resource people turn to for information on businesses and organizations.



A solid web presence built on HTML5 & CSS3, that clearly relays the core selling points of Montgomery Cleaning, and a social networking presence that compliments their websites reach and functionality.

Integrated Twitter feed via the jQuery based jTweetsAnywhere provides a "latest news" feed that is easily updated, and requires no training beyond the use of Twitter itself. The feed itself automatically updates every time the page loads as well as at a set interval.