Grease Monkey Detailing

Complete Web Presence

Grease Monkey Detailing, a new automotive detailing and restoration service here in the Willamette Valley, needed a web presence established that included social networking and search engine optimization.

We decided on a multimedia framework that would allow us to showcase the vast variety of vehicles they work with, and the quality of the work they do.

Web sites that are multimedia intensive require careful attention to detail to insure that the media is presented in a pixel perfect fashion. With balance and functionality being key elements to proper multimedia interface design, we chose a design that was minimalistic, and focused on the content itself.


Web Presence

We chose a multimedia framework on top of the Wordpress CMS. Wordpress is a very user friendly CMS, and allows for changes to the content and media of a website without any signifcant knowledge of code. This gives great flexibility to the client, as they can modify their website in the future with a minimal amount of training, using a point and click interface.

Search Engine Optimization

During the development process, search engine optimization insures a website that search engines will be able to crawl, and once they do your sites ranking will benefit from well constructed and optimized code. In addition, we installed the Wordpress SEO Ultimate plugin that allows for fine tuning of the settings via a point and click interface.



A functional and elegant website, that is intuitive and clearly relays the company's message of superior service and outstanding results. The Wordpress CMS allows for client side modifications with minimal training. Optimized for search engines, and integrated with social networking, the end result is a complete web presence that allowed for the launch of the company through multiple online venues at once.